National Translation Mission organizes Workshops, Seminars and Orientation Programmes to facilitate academic discourse on translation; assess the existing translated knowledge texts in Indian languages; impart translation training to the freshers; and disseminate information. Scholars, translators, experts and publishers are invited to participate in NTM events to discuss and interact with one another.


NTM organizes workshops to execute the functions of Editorial Support Groups; to prepare text specific glossary for each discipline in 22 languages. After completing the translation of a text, the experts in Editorial Support Group for each language or the experts suggested by Editorial Support Group may meet in a workshop to help in reviewing the manuscripts and guide the translators.


National translation Mission conducts seminars to encourage academic exchanges relating translation. Scholastic papers presented in these seminars are reviewed and archived. At times they are brought out in the biannual journal of NTM, Translation Today. These seminars help NTM to build up an archive of academic debates on translation that might be of help to people (especially students and research scholars) interested in Translation Studies and allied disciplines.

Orientation Programme

National Translation Mission conducts Orientation programmes in various languages to orient the participants about translation, translation theories and various issues involved in translation of knowledge texts, to introduce the participants to various tools of translation and to prepare them as potential translators. Participants are students and Research Scholars from different colleges and universities. They come from different language backgrounds and various disciplines. College and school teachers, freelance translators and people from various professions also take part in these programmes. Participants can also be selected from the National Register of Translators.

Resource persons who are invited to this programme are from Translation Studies and allied disciplines and/ or those Indian language writers who regularly produce Knowledge Texts in Indian languages. Experts who have been translating knowledge texts and those who are involved in the development of technical terminology in various languages of India could also act as Resource Persons for NTM.

Other Programmes

NTM takes part in book fares across the country to promote awareness about its activities. As soon as the translated books get published, NTM will also hold promotional events which might also include authors’ meet, translators’ meet etc.