1. How can I be a part of NTM?
Ans. Hi, You are welcome!
If you are a translator, sign up and submit your resume using the link here. You are assured to hear from us shortly.
If you are a reviewer, copy editor or proofreader, send your resume to ntmciil]@]gmail.com. NTM will get back to you.
If you are an interpreter, post your resume to ntmciil[@]gmail.com. NTM has just begun creating a pool of resources for interpretation. We will get back to you.

2. I want to be registered as a translator for the NTM. How should I do it?
Ans Sign up and submit your resume by visiting here. You are assured to hear from us shortly.

3. How do I enroll in NTM as an undergraduate student? Ans Submit your detailed resume to us which can be done by visiting here. You are assured to hear from us shortly.

4. I want to translate and publish a specific book. How can I do so under NTM?
Ans. Submit your detailed project proposal along with a sample of your work. Our team will evaluate and let you know their expert responses.

5. What are the prerequisites to be associated with NTM?
Ans. NTM is unique in its requirements for translators. More than your efficiency in the Source Language and Target Language and your ability to meet the deadline, NTM does not require much from you. Age, qualification, location is no bar for prospective translators at NTM.

6. I have location constraint. Can I still be associated with NTM?
Ans. The NTM is structured to promote the translation industry and encourage those who have a passion for translation. Location is not a constraint for this project. You can be a part of this project from anywhere in the world.

7. What is multi media translation?
Ans. Largely written and spoken documents are translated or interpreted. Multimedia translation covers everything that doesn’t fall neatly into those two rubrics. For example, providing narration and voice-over services, as well as subtitling, website translation, and multilingual desktop publishing falls under the purview of multimedia translation.

8. Will voice-over and narration be a part of your translation projects?
Ans. CIIL has extensively produced documentaries and projects that have dealt with voice-overs, narration and much more. The institute also has a professional studio on the premises to facilitate the process. Therefore, if any project demands these particular tools, NTM will surely use them.

9. Are you going to use any translation tool?
Ans. Generating high quality tools like dictionary, sourcing software for translation, wordnet etc is one of the objectives of NTM. These tools will also be made available to all those who would be benefited from them.

10. What format should I follow while translating a text?
Ans.You need to follow the source text for the overall structure and format. For submitting to NTM, an editable softcopy produced with Unicode fonts would be the best way. In case if you have used proprietary fonts, you’ll have to submit the files along with the fonts. (.)docx is what is generally expected. Languages using Perso-Arabic Scripts may submit files produced using InPage software [(.)inp files]. In both cases, please submit a (.)pdf copy too.

11. How can I get an estimate for translation?
Ans.Sorry, NTM does not provide this service at present. However, detailed calculation of the translation, copyediting etc charges for NTM translations will be part of the agreements with the translator chosen for the assignment.

12. Will there be any courses designed/ orientation for the select translators?
Ans. One of the primary objectives of the NTM is Translators’ Education as specilised training is necessary for this activity. NTM will facilitate the prospective translators by organising short-term training programmes, producing course modules and packages for translators, encouraging, supporting and assisting in the development of specialised courses in translation technology, encouraging research projects, instituting Fellowship programmes, organising workshops and much more initiative like these to aid the translators in vetting, editing and copy-editing translations.

13. Can I translate a book of my choice? Or will NTM provide me with both the choice and the text?
Ans. NTM database of Knowledge Texts will be the source for the translation materials.