Volume 15 Issue 1, 2021

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  2. Editorial
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Translation Today


  1. The Ecology of Translation: A Case Study of Two Different Translations of Kanyasulkam in English - Lakshmi Haribandi
  2. Genres and Multilingual Contexts: The Translational Culture of Nineteenth-Century Calcutta - Chandrani Chatterjee
  3. Aithihyamala: Translating Text in Context - Vrinda Varma

Machine Translation

  1. On Post-Editability of Machine Translated Texts - Ch Ram Anirudh & Kavi Narayana Murthy
  2. A Rule-based Dependency Parser for Telugu: An Experiment with Simple Sentences - Sangeetha P., Parameswari K. & Amba Kulkarni
  3. A Statistical Study of Telugu Treebanks - Praveen Gatla


  1. On Nepali Translation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea: The Analysis of Translation Strategies - Sudesh Manger
  2. Indian Translation Traditions: Perspectives from Sujit Mukherjee - Anjali Chaubey
  3. Translation of Metaphors in George Orwell’s Animal Farm from English to Hindi: A Cognitive Semantic Perspective - Baburam Upadhaya
  4. Howard Goldblatt’s Translations of Mo Yan’s Works into English: Reader Oriented Approach - Nishit Kumar


  1. An Interview with K. M. Sherrif - Obed Ebenezer .S
  2. An Interview with P. K. N. Panicker - P. M. Girish

Book Review

  1. Translation and Practice Theory - Rawad Alhashmi
  2. An Eye-Tracking Study of Equivalent Effect in Translation - Obed Ebenezer .S


  1. Dear Friend Sakhi by Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ in Hindi - Bindu Singh
  2. Solitude Ekānt by Himanshi Shelat in Gujrati - Viraj Desai