Training Programme

Introduction to Translation is a 3-week intensive training course conducted to orient the participants about various theories and issues in translation, how theory and practice interact with each other and acquaints them with available tools of translation. The training is given by well known translators as well as scholars from Translation Studies.

Details of some of the areas covered during the course:
i. Translation
Definition, Types of Translation, Principles & Practice of Translation
ii. History of Translation and Theories of Translation
Translation History in India, Translation History in the West, Theories of Translation
iii. Linguistics and Translation
Language Structure and Translation, Word Formation in Translation, Equivalence in Translation
iv. Literary Translation
Features of Literary Translation, Genre of Literary Translation Problems and Possible solution in Literary Translation
v. Ideology and Translation
Subjectivity & Translation, Politics and Translation, Culture & Translation
vi. Translation Evaluation
Parameters & Principles in evaluating a Translation
vii. Non-Literary Translation
Features of Non-Literary Translation, Translation & Science Communication, Scientific & Technical Translation
viii. Scientific and Technical Terminology
Identifying Scientific & Technical Terms, Various Methodsfor Translating Scientific & Technical Terms
ix. Machine Translation (MT)
Machine Translation & Human Translation, Types of MT, Process & Mechanism in MT, MT Tools
x. Subtitling, Dubbing, Interpretation
xi. Globalization, Localization and Translation
xii. Practicum and Evaluation (every week)