Contextualising Migration: Perspectives from Literature, Culture and Translation

  1. Cover page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Message
  3. Migration and Cultural Identity: An Introduction by SAYANTAN MONDAL
  4. Contents

Section I: Of Loss and Recovery: Translation and Transnationalism

  1. An Elsewhere Space: Self and Society in Times of Transnationalism by E. V. RAMAKRISHNAN
  2. The Complexity of Migration and Redefining the Contours of Translation Studies: Some Suggestions by MAYA PANDIT
  3. New Translation Studies by SHIVARAMA PADIKKAL
  4. Critical Reflections on Migration and Translation in/from the Indian Context by THARAKESHWAR V.B.

Section II: Vernacular Self and Postcolonial Identity

  1. Looking at the Diaspora in Miyah Poetry by SIDDIQUA FATIMA VIRJI
  2. Identity Creation and Ideas of Belonging in Kolkata’s Chinese-Indian Community by JOITA DAS
  3. Migration as History and Culture through Bhojpuri Folk songs by RUCHIKA RAI

Section III: Bodies and Ideas Across Borders: Translation and Migration in Fiction

  1. Refugee in the Land of Redemption: Serial Migration as a Theme in Contemporary Fiction about South Asia by NIVEDITHA KALARIKKAL
  2. V. S. Naipaul: From Memory en route to Roots by CHANDRIMA KARMAKAR
  3. Nexus of Migration in Children’s Literature: Displacement, Memory and Grief in Kirsty Murray’s Bridie’s Fire by SHYAMA SASIDHARAN
  4. Post-Partition Migration and Transgenerational Trauma: A Study of “Folie à Deux” in Anirudh Kala’s The Unsafe Asylum: Stories of Partition and Madness by MIR AHAMMAD ALI
  5. Essentialising Feminist Paradigm in South-Asian Diasporic Theatre in the UK: Reading Rukhsana Ahmad’s Song for a Sanctuary by SHRABANTI KUNDU
  6. Imprisoning the Refugee: Boochani’s No Friend but the Mountains through Foucauldian Lens by ELIZABETH CHERIAN
  7. Migrant Identity Defined through Aspirations - Analysis of Xiaolu Guo’s 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth by MEGHA BALU SOLANKI
  8. The Dislocated Women: A Study Identifying and Analysing the Voices of Women in Partition Literature by PRACHI CHAUHAN
  9. Reading the Sights and Sounds of Trains in the Narratives of Migration by HARSHITHA H



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